Sex and the City Engagement Ring

I'm looking for a picture of the engagement ring Aidan gave Carrie

Bradshaw on Sex and the City last season (not the first one he had

picked out but rather the second one which Miranda helped pick out and

he eventually proposed with). It is a 3-carat Harry Winston design, I

think, but I'm not exactly sure. Thanks.

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  1. Hello Christmas and thank you for your question.

    The picture of both rings that Aidan gave Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and

    the City can be found at the John Corbett “Sex and the City” Homepage.

    The ring is a Harry Winston's square shaped, emerald cut, colorless

    diamond solitaire set in platinum, pictured on the left and the first

    gold one is on the right.

    (Photo courtesy Harry Winston)

    A short excerpt:

    "Sex and the City" fans don't have to wait to get another peek at the

    dazzling diamond Carrie will be sporting on her finger. Steven

    Cojocaru of People Magazine got the story on how the show chose the

    ring and an up-close look at it, too. It not only took the

    sweet-n-sensitive Aidan a couple of tries before he got the right

    ring, but the show's stylists as well. It seems that the first ring

    jeweler Harry Winston offered was too over-the-top for Aidan's simple

    tastes. The second ring didn't work because it, according to Sarah

    Jessica Parker, was too "fussy." The winner? A colorless, $60,000

    3.27-carat, square-shaped, emerald-cut bauble.”

    Source: Lucy Maher, 8/16/01

    Read more about the ring here:

    “Can classic be a trend? It can if one of the trendiest girls around,

    Carrie Bradshaw of HBO's Sex and The City takes the classic route for

    her on-screen engagement to Aidan Shaw. Carrie's gorgeous 3-carat

    emerald-cut Harry Winston gem costs a cool $78,000.”

    Microsoft WomenCentral Website

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    I hope this answers your question!

    Best Regards,


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