Short Story

I'm searching for the title and perhaps link to a short story i read a

long time ago. It's about someone who lives in a society that exerts

population control by sending people to a carnival, but where the

people never come back. The phrase "PC" was used alot in the story i


Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

I believe the story you're remembering is Frederik Pohl's "Spending a

Day at the Lottery Fair." However, it does not have anything in it

about 'PC'.

You can read the story online:

My Ebooks: Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair,%20Frederik/PohlStars/lotfair.htm

If this is the correct story, I'll be glad to repost it as your answer.

Clarification of Question bybbeal-ga

Ok, that wasn't the one i was looking for. The story i had in mind

only had one protagonist.

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