Short Story From High School

I went graduated in high school in 95. In a literature class I read a

short story of a young boy that had a crush on a girl at his school.

He wanted to impress her but she ignored him completely. Eventually he

won an important football game or soccer game and he was now someone

that people recognized at school. Then at this point that girl that he

likes gives him either an address or a phone number and invites him to

some sort of a get-together. The story concludes with him trying to

convince himself that he is not going to go since he is sure that this

girl is only inviting him since he won that game. He seems positive he

will not go. But in the end it conludes with him looking into a

mirror and deciding what shirt to wear. In the end I think it mentions

how he says to himself that he "needs to look sharp." So in conclusion

he still decides to go and that is how the story abruptly ends with

him deciding what shirt to wear. I have been searching for this short

story for a long time and cannot find out what the title is or author.

It would have been a story published in a high school literature book.

It would have been a literature book in use in the year 1996 at a high

school called Canyon Del Oro in Tucson Arizona.

Request for Question Clarification bywillie-ga

Would this be a latino high school? I have a reference for a book of

short stories/poetry aimed at latin american kids that was in use in

Tucson in your time frame.

Clarification of Question byreyubeta-ga

No, this was a big 5A high school not just for latino people. It was a

book that was in use in an alternative english class during my senior


So it was an alternative english class during the 96 school year.

Request for Question Clarification bysmudgy-ga

Was the main character's name "Felix" by any chance? Any other

recollections about the story?

Clarification of Question byreyubeta-ga

It is possible that his name was Felix. I think he put on a red shirt

at the end or was contemplating which shirt to wear. I think he got

humiliated in the cafeteria trying to talk to that girl. I wish I

could remember more details, but I cannot remember very much else

about the story. It might be easier to find it, if I knew what

literature books were in use by the CDO HighSchool Alternative program

during the 96 school year. Maybe just the brand of book.

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Hi reyubeta,

I've been doing research on your question and decided to email Canyon

Del Oro. I contacted the english department and finally heard back

from them. They need more information to be able to help us find this

story. Here is the latest reply I received:

"I am sorry for the delay in replying to your e-mail re. the short

story. I am dept. chair at CDO now, and I was teaching here in

1996-97, but I do not recognize the story description, nor did other

teachers I asked. If there are any other "clues" such as description

or name of teacher involved, grade level of textbook, or specific

course it was read in — I'd be happy to make further inquiries."

If you can answer any of their questions, it would really help us in

this search. Thanks!

Best regards,


Clarification of Question byreyubeta-ga

It was an alternative english program that was conducted during the

1996 school season. It was a building that was off River road in

Tucson Arizona. I don't remember the teachers name though. The level

of textbook in use would be a book for seniors. I remember very little

else about the story or the large literature book. Sorry.

Request for Question Clarification bysmudgy-ga

I have a very strong suspicion of both the name of this story and its

author; unfortunately I cannot find a copy of the story I have in mind

to corroborate the details you have provided. If I am able to do so I

will provide an answer. Here's hoping.

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Hi reyubeta,

I got it! I received an email and they remembered the story, author

and book it was published in. Giving you this information would

suffice as an answer? I'm sure once you have this information, any

bookstore or library which carries textbooks would have the Literature

book which contains this short story. Let me know what you want me to


Best regards,


Clarification of Question byreyubeta-ga

Yes, that would be okay. I may then be able to go to a bookstore and

find that book.

Thank you.

One thought on “Short Story From High School

  1. Hi reybuta,

    I started off this research by searching for this story with the

    description you remembered. When I felt I wasn't getting anywhere with

    it, I decided to contact your old high school, Canyon Del Oro. I

    contacted the faculty of the english department and the ones who did

    reply had no clue of the story. Finally the head of the department

    responded with not much of an idea either. Like I told you in my

    clarification, she needed a little more to go by. I wrote back and

    explained it was an alternative program and she responded with this


    "When I read your e-mail today that used the words "Alternative

    Program at CDO," I knew whom to ask. When I read the description of

    the story to a teacher in that program, she said, "That is AMAZING

    that someone remembered the story so well. It is called "Autumn

    Leaves" and it is in the brown Journeys book." I got the book from

    our resource room and she is right!

    "Autumn Leaves," by Sam Greenlee


    published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, copyright 1982

    Now, my own curiosity requires me to ask what is it that makes our

    former student wish to revisit that story?"

    Living overseas, with no public library, made it difficult for me to

    verify that the book can be found in US libraries. I then contacted my

    brother who lives in the US and got access to his library card. I

    checked his local library and indeed the book is there. So I'm sure

    you will be able to find this book with the short story you want in

    your local library.

    If you find any part of my answer unclear, please don't hesitate to

    ask for clarification before rating.

    I wish you the best of luck and happy reading!


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