Silverware Art With Unrecognized Engraved Name

We discovered three large pieces of silver(?)ware with very abstract

handles, works of art, hand made. Each has a hand engraved as below:



(1) Large Knife

(1) 2-Prong Fork

(1) Heart-shaped Spoon

I shall later conduct mass-volume tests to determine composition.

Tarnished as silver does. Can anyone get a match to the name?

Request for Question Clarification byanswerfinder-ga

Could be work by Michael Aram.

This is his home page.

These are various images of his work including tableware.

Let me know if this seems to be what you are seeking.


Clarification of Question bytravisjbennett-ga

Yep, you found it! There are pictures on his site.

Curious how Michael Aram signed these Aram Boxer.

Make your request into an answer so I can confirm or accept or whatever it.

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