Small Business Marketing

We have a product which helps businesses increase sales and profits

and reduce their expenses which can double their profits in 12 months,

using direct response marketing.

Which is: 1. Defining and targeting a specific target market to sell


2. Researching and understanding their most critical problems

and most important goals.

3. Designing and supplying marketing products that eliminate

their most critical problems and help them achieve their most

important goals.

We would be promoting this kind of marketing using a sales letter

technique through print media, websites and authorised email


We would like to target small to medium sized businesses in the

Service Professional Industry in Australia, meaning 1-10 staff whose

owners have a very strong desire to improve their marketing, sales and

profits using direct response marketing.

To help us sell it in Australia we would like to know:

I need a list of service professionals who have databases in excess of

500 clients that use direct marketing the most.

What are the most critical problems small businesses have in being

able to get the best marketing returns for their money spent?

On average what do these businesses spend per year on direct marketing

information to help their businesses and who spends the most?

How much of their direct marketing needs are outsourced and how much

is done by themselves?

When marketing this way to their clients, what media streams are used

the most and which are the most effective:

a) Print?

b) Website?

c) Authorised email?

What percentage of business owners use the internet to sell their


On average how much time is spent by business owners on the marketing

of their businesses per year?

Clarification of Question bysamwaha-ga

Which small businesses (specifically which industries)use direct

response marketing the most in Australia.

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