Smoking Ban on Airlines

Smoking has been prohibited by US law on all scheduled (whatever that

means) international flights to or from North America since 2000. How

is it possible, in practice, for a smoker to fly to N. America without

having to abstain?

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  2. Dear Ice Spar,

    I can't find any words to apologise – I pasted another answer by

    mistake. Here's yours.


    Dear Ice Spar,

    You are not the only one suffering. I don't know if it is much of a

    comfort, but many have problems to abstain from smoking for a long

    period. It was very difficult to find, in today's anti-smoking

    environment, airlines that would fly to North America (that is, non-US

    North America, since the US bans it on all arriving flights) and would

    allow smoking.

    There are several ways to cope, some were mentioned by my colleagues

    at the comments section (Nicort or other Chewing gums, sleeping pills,


    When I began searching for an answer for you, I found recommendations

    on Aeroflot (the Russian carrier) and EgyptAir. They both actually

    have a non-smoking policy, but this brought up the idea to search for

    companies from, (how do I put it), "smokers-friendly" countries. Since

    these bans are very dynamic (EgyptAir bans smoking since June 1st this

    year, for example), there might be changes – check with the company in

    any case.

    Air China <> allow smoking

    on their flights to parts of their North American destinations.


    The Cubans are against everything the Americans are for, right?

    Anyway, Cubana holds no anti-smoking policies. You could fly

    transatlantic to Cuba, and from there to North American Destinations.

    Emirates <> – smoking is allowed on some of

    their flights.

    Lloyd Aereo Boliviano <> – a bit more

    tricky, since it implies flying to Bolivia and from there to your

    non-US destination. Smoking is banned in their domestic flights. Site

    is only in Spanish.

    Pakistan Airlines <> fly to three destinations

    in North America, one of them in Canada. Smoking is banned in domestic


    "Last minute" company "Thomas Cook"

    <> flies to North

    America, and allows smoking, but warns, that this would not be allowed

    on planes leased from Lufthansa (therefore, it is recommended to


    Another airline you could try (not for North America, though) is MIAT

    (the Mongolian carrier, According to this

    article at Car Survey Review

    <> has a lax attitude

    regarding smoking. Air Lanka (, too, don't

    fly to North American destinations. I haven't been also able to

    confirm that Qatar Airlines allow smoking on their long-distance


    According to a list I found (The completely outdated

    <>) Lituanian Airlines are

    also somkers friendly. However, I haven't been able to confirm that,

    nor learn if they fly to North American destinations. Similarly, Air

    Madagascar is found to be smokers friendly. However, it is not certain

    that they have Canadian destinations <>.

    Gulf Air <> allow smoking, but I haven't seen

    a Canadian or Mexican destination (only US ones). AeroPero is also

    mentioned as smoker's friendly, but their website(s) are unavailable.

    Swiss –

    Sobelair – Rent a Plane

    Nashiville Jet Charters

    Plane Rental – Capitol

    Further Articles and Sites


    Are there any airlines that still allow smoking?,8915,906682,00.html

    List: Non-Smoking policies


    My search strategy might be useful for further searches. I began by

    using the term "smokers" and "transatlantic". This brought me to

    several sites, and to the search for airlines. From this moment on, I

    searched for names of specific airlines (mentioned in the outdated

    lists, in the search for terms such as "smoking" + "airlines") and

    checked each airline for its current policy. Of course, I thought of

    the alternative solutions (such as hiring a plane) without using a

    research strategy.

    I hope this answered your question. Please contact me if you need any

    clarifications on my answer. I'd be pleased to clarify my answer

    before you rate it. And, as they say, "Don't drink and drive, smoke

    and fly".

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