Sms Advertising

We are SMS distribution portal meaning we offer SMS services to our

mobile phone users.

Are there companies that connect SMS distribution portals(us) with

advertisers who wish to advertise via SMS? (Similar as to how AdSense

connects advertisers to Internet visitor but for SMS)

Fianlly, what is the average amount paid to the companies like us by

sponsors for each ad sent via SMS to our users?

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  1. <SMS advertising.

    The kind of service that you describe is offered by JumpTap. It puts

    advertisers in contact with mobile service providers. It is a search

    based advertising system where advertisers bid on keywords.

    JumpTap offers a pay-per-click and pay-per-call program.

    The Keyword Sales Program presents targeted, keyword-based ads and

    content to mobile users at the precise moment those users express an

    interest in specific goods and services. The mechanism for connecting

    to this audience is a sponsored link.

    The Keyword Sales Program pays carriers when users click or initiate

    calls on sponsored links. This business model brings advertisers,

    carriers and buyers together through advanced technology and business


    JumpTap handles the entire mobile ads and inventory fulfillment and

    business operations; from advertiser management to billing and

    collections. Simply put, JumpTap sends carriers a check every month

    for delivering a high-quality search experience to its subscribers and


    JumpTap gives operators an average of $0.75 revenue per month per user.

    According to this report, a carrier generated revenue of $1.10 per month per user.

    Source: JumpTap.

    JumpTap has introduced a comprehensive white-label mobile search that

    is based on its own made-for-mobile user interface. Additionally, the

    hosted end-to-end solution couples a robust search engine with a

    keyword sales program that links users, operators and advertisers at

    the point of purchase decision, allowing operators to earn revenues on

    transactions completed via search.

    ?Operators can also benefit from making it easy for users to find,

    download and enjoy mobile content on-portal and off-portal,? McCabe

    says. It is an important second source of increased revenue that

    JumpTap has termed ARFO (Average Revenue from Others). According to

    JumpTap, ARFO will drive significant revenues and earnings for mobile

    operators. Mobile search can deliver ?5 monthly per subscriber ARFO,

    in addition to the 37% ARPU uplift to premium sales growth.

    JumpTap plans to launch search advertising in September with a number

    of content providers and mobile operators. ?We will see more carriers

    sign up for this in 2007 and we?ll start to see real revenues be

    generated in 2008,? he continues.

    Source: Qpass Connections.

    JumpTap Homepage

    Contact details

    JumpTap Inc

    245 First Street

    Suite 1100

    Cambridge, MA 02142

    Telephone +1 617 301 4550


    <Search strategy:>

    <"sms" "content providers">


    <"sms" advertising "operators get">


    <"sms" "content providers" "operators get">




    <Hope this helps.>

  2. Hi,

    Unfortunately, this company listed does not perform the services I

    requested. Reading through their site, it is unclear exactly what

    sevices they provide. However they appear to be a SMS search engine.

    Repeated calls have not been returned. I am sorry but I do not feel

    this question has been answered.

  3. <An alternative system is offered by Lucent Technologies

    Lucent puts advertising companies and telcos together.

    Lucent doesn?t sell boxes that let telcos run SMS advertising

    services. Instead, the firm works as one third of a three party

    co-operative alongside the telco and the advertising broker. Lucent

    puts advertising brokers and telcos together via its Advertext

    platform. The advertiser then puts in the money through the broker,

    which buys, say, one million adverts at a fixed price per advert from

    the telco. Once the ads are sent, the media broker splits this money

    in a pre-agreed way between the telco, Lucent and itself.The telco can

    assign whatever percentage of this it likes

    to subsidising the sending customer who?s text message has had the ad

    appended to it

    Advertex ? permission-based SMS advertising.,1983,inContentId+0900940380092a39-inLocaleId+1,00.html

    About Advertex

    Revenue Generation Consulting Solutions for Service Providers.


    Inside the United States: 1 866 LUCENT8, prompt 7

    Outside the United States: +1 630 218 7688

    How to buy.>

    <Hope this helps.>

  4. Again, I don't feel this is the answer I requested. Lucent does

    notact as the advertising broker like adwords.

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