Social Networking in Japan

Please list "social networking" Web sites in Japan. "Social

Networking" means sites where people go to find friends for dating,

for companionship sex, etc. Similar U.S. sites would be, and other "online personals" that are individual

sites or as part of a portal.

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    Below you will find the results of my research for social networking

    websites in Japan is the latest fad in social networking in Japan.


    ? is inclined toward entertainment.?








    ?Gocoo (pronounced Go-Ku) is Japan's first social networking community

    site. By systematizing the communication of members by providing

    online inter-personal communications as well as real-world "dinner

    meeting", Gocoo promotes human communication that does not go against

    manners and is safe and sound.?




    Yubi-toma is a service specializing in finding alumni and old school

    buddies. In your profile, you would write which school you used to go

    to. You can see other users who went to same school. You can also call

    a reunion. is a place where you can find friends via keyword. When

    you register to this service, you will be given your own space (page).

    You will add your favorite gadgets, books, movies, foods or any

    keyword and give it your own version of description. Other people

    would find you through these keywords, write comments about them and

    link their own version of keyword to them, etc. etc.

    Other sites:

    Ecademy Japan

    Open Business Club

    They have announced Japanese services in the near future.

    A highly multilingual social network. openBC describes itself as a business tool..

    A relatively new social networking service called .node, pronounced "dotnode?

    Select Japanese (upper right hand corner)


    ?Founded in 1999 by ex-Goldman Sachs analyst Neeraj Jhanji, ImaHima

    ("Are you free now?") is a socializing and scheduling service enabling

    mobile customers to locate and contact friends, schedule parties and

    events, meet new people, and find information and activities based on

    their current location via mobile phone (the service is now accessible

    from PC as well).?

    Information sources:

    Social Networks boom in Japan

    Wikipedia Japan

    SNS Blog

    Search Criteria:

    Social Networking services in Japan

    Social Networking in Japan

    "Social Network" in Japan


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