Song: Bearcat Mama From Horner's Corner"

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  1. huecotank —

    Thanks for your invitation to post the information I have found as an

    answer to your question.

    The only credited songwriter for the words and the music to "Bear Cat

    Mama From Horner's Corners" is Jimmie H. Davis.

    My primary source for that information is the website of BMI, one of

    the two U.S. performers' rights organizations (the other is ASCAP),

    that collect license fees on behalf of songwriters, composers and

    music publishers. Here is a link to the BMI Web page that contains

    that information:

    BMIL Title Search: Bear Cat Mama

    (If that link doesn?t work for you, you can go to the BMI home page

    and enter the song's name in the search box at the bottom left corner

    of the page):

    Victor Records released a 78rpm recording of Jimmie Davis's rendition

    of the song in early 1931:

    Luma Electronic: Jimmie Davis Singles

    I have found no earlier recordings of the song, and I didn't expect

    to, since Davis had begun his musical career only two years earlier,

    while he was teaching history after receiving a Master's Degree from

    LSU. This time frame makes it virtually certain that Davis wrote the

    song shortly before he recorded it.

    "He made a few recordings in 1928, none of which were released.

    However, in 1929, Jimmie began cutting masters for Victor and had 68

    sides released over the next five years, most of them excellent white

    Blues songs performed in a Jimmie Rodgers style. . . . Most of the

    releases, whether on Victor, Bluebird, or Montgomery Ward, did not

    sell well because they coincided with some of the worst years of the

    Great Depression. . . . Bear Cat Mama From Horner?s Corners appears

    to have been Jimmie?s best seller . . . .

    Century of Country: Jimmie Davis

    Among the interesting facts about this early country music legend is

    that he served two terms as Governor of Louisiana and that he lived to

    be 101. The site linked just above contains a useful and interesting

    summary of his life and career.

    Although I (and presumably other researchers who have tried) have not

    been able to come up with an online source for the lyrics to the song,

    the Jimmie Davis recording of the song is available at

    in RealAudio format at this linked page:

    Honking Duck: Listen to Old Time Music from 78s

    Although it may be a tedious chore, you should be able to transcribe

    the lyrics from that site after a few listenings.

    Although you haven?t indicated whether you are interested in

    purchasing a recording of the song, I should note that several CD

    versions of it are available for purchase on line..

    The only inexpensive CD version that is available online is in a

    collection of early Gene Autry recordings called "A Proper

    Introduction to Gene Autry: Don't Fence Me In." Here is a link to the ordering page: A Proper Introduction to Gene Autry

    Jimmie Davis's version is included in a 5 CD box set of Davis's

    recordings called "Nobody's Darlin' But Mine," which is available from

    various sellers at high prices — beginning at $89.95 — which reflect

    the comprehensiveness of the collection:

    Yahoo Shopping: Nobody's Darlin' But Mine

    For completeness, I will mention one more version, by W. Lee McDaniel,

    which is available in an out-of-print 2 CD set entitled "White Country

    Blues, 1926-1938: A Lighter Shade Of Blue." That version is offered

    through for $100 and up: White Country Blues

    Search Strategy:

    I used various Google searches, and the key to finding complete

    information was to vary the spelling of the name of the song in order

    to catch all the online references to it. For examples:

    "bear cat mama" OR "bearcat mama"


    "bear cat mamma" OR "bearcat mamma"


    If any of the above information is unclear, please ask for

    clarification before rating the answer, and I would be happy to assist

    you further,


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