Song About New Jersey

I want to find the author and lyrics of a song about new jersey. I

heard it years ago on public radio. It was a tongue in cheek song

that poked fun at jersey, but in a loving way. some of the lyrics

included references to bruce springsteen, going to the mall, "we go

shopping at the mall, when we are tired we…." etc. Was

sun by a woman or women with a guitar background. I have been trying

to find this for years.

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

Could the song be "Deep in the Heart of Jersey"?

Request for Question Clarification bytutuzdad-ga

Is this the song you remember? It's a parody song that was a favorite

on the Dr. Demento radio program:



Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Could you be thinking of "Jersey Lyrics" by Queen Latifah?


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