Song at the End of in Justice Episode the Ten Percenter

what is the name song that was playing at the end of in justice

episode titled The Ten Percenter that aired 02/03/06?

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

Please let me know if this is the song you're looking for:

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

Have you been able to listen to the clip to which I linked? I am quite

certain that this is the correct song, but since I haven't found

confirmation on the Web, I'd like you to verify this before I post an

official answer.

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  1. I have now found online confirmation that the song at the end of the

    "Ten Percenter" episode of In Justice was "Hit the Ground," by Lizz

    Wright. As mentioned by my friend and colleague Voila in a comment

    below, the episode also featured "Wicked Little High," by Bird York.

    From the Television Without Pity forums:

    "The song playing when she got out of jail and at the very end was

    'Hit the Ground' by Lizz Wright…

    The song by Bird York was Wicked Little High, which is what was

    playing when she and Swain parted company at the end."

    TWoP Forums: In Justice


    "The Ten Percenter

    The two songs used in this episode were 'Hit the Ground' by Lizz

    Wright and 'Wicked Little High' by Bird York." In Justice

    "Hit the Ground" is on Lizz Wright's album "Dreaming Wide Awake":

    Amazon: Dreaming Wide Awake

    "Wicked Little High" is on Bird York's album "Wicked Little High":

    Amazon: Wicked Little High

    I hope this is precisely what you need to know! If anything is unclear

    or incomplete, please request clarification; I'll be glad to offer

    further assistance before you rate my answer.

    Best regards,


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