Song Title and Artists

I am trying to find out the name of a song and the artist who sings it.

Sample lyrics are as follows: "What about me. It isn't fair. I've

had enough. Don't want my share." It's not much to go on, but

hopefully you'll still be able to answer the question.

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  1. Your song is "What About Me." The song was a hit for an Australian

    group called Moving Pictures in 1982. A cover version by Shannon Noll

    made the charts in 2004.

    Here's an excerpt of the lyrics:

    "Well, there's a little boy waiting at the counter of the corner shop

    He's been waiting down there, waiting half the day,

    We never ever see him from the top

    He gets pushed around, knocked to ground

    But he gets to his feet and he says…

    What about me,

    It isn't fair

    I've had enough, now I want my share,

    Can't you see, I wanna live

    But you just take more than you give…"

    Full text of the lyrics may be found here:

    Lyric Stop: SHANNON NOLL LYRICS – What About Me

    "Moving Pictures was the name of a rock music group formed in Sydney,

    Australia in the early 1980s… The band had several hit singles and

    albums in their native Australia, including the single What About Me,

    which remained at number one for two months in 1982. Its success led

    them to America where it also became a minor hit, reaching number 29

    on the Billboard singles chart… What About Me returned to the top of

    the Australian music charts in early 2004, as a virtually identical

    cover version by Australian Idol runner up Shannon Noll."

    Wikipedia: Moving Pictures

    "[Shannon] Noll's… debut single 'What About Me' (a cover of the song

    by Moving Pictures) was released on 5 January 2004. The video was

    entirely filmed in his hometown of Condobolin and features most of the

    townspeople in the town square in one scene. His debut album That's

    What I'm Talking About was released in February 2004 and was certified

    multi-platinum by July 2004… In October 2004, Noll became the first

    Australian Idol contestant to achieve success outside of Australia

    when his single 'What About Me' reached number two in Ireland."

    Wikipedia: Shannon Noll

    If you'd like to purchase "What About Me" on CD, it is on Moving

    Pictures' CD "Days of Innocence" and on Shannon Noll's CD "That's What

    I'm Talking About."

    Amazon: Days of Innocence – Moving Pictures

    Amazon: That's What I'm Talking About – Shannon Noll

    My Google search strategy:

    Google Web Search: "what about me it isn't fair" lyrics


    I hope this is helpful! If anything is unclear or incomplete, please

    request clarification; I'll be glad to offer further assistance before

    you rate my answer.

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