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there was a song in the the 70's which contained the lyris"king edward

the first the death of llewellyn to…both men looked different froma

afar, but in their heart you know they wore the same scar..go down, go

down, down where the devil is fighting…etc" Do you have any idea as

to the title or artist

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  1. I have been sitting here with that song running through my head! I

    could hear the song's melody in my mind, but I just couldn't place it.

    Suddenly I remembered who performed the song. I am certain that The

    New Riders of the Purple Sage song "Llywellyn" is the song you're

    looking for. "Llywellyn" is on the album "Marin County Line." Here are

    some lyrics that I transcribed from an audio clip:

    Each man looked different from afar

    But in their hearts you know they bore the same scar

    It was

    Go down

    Go down

    Down where the devil is fighting

    Strangest thing I've ever seen…

    To verify that this is the correct song, you can listen to a clip of

    "Llywellyn" here (scroll down the page about halfway):

    Amazon: Marin County Line

    I hope this is helpful! If I have misidentified your song, please

    request clarification; I'll be glad to offer further assistance before

    you rate my answer.

    Best regards,


  2. Oops. I put too many L's in the song's name. According to a couple of

    sources, "Llywelyn" (note spelling) was written by Stephen Love, a

    member of The New Riders of the Purple Sage.


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