Source of Quotation From Eliot Freidson

What is the source of this quotation from Eliot Freidson?

"…in the United States, the physician is not so much part of the

hospital as the hospital is part (and only one part)of the physician's


This quotation appears without a reference on page 229 of a text book

"Health Services Management: Readings and Commentary" eds. Anthony

Kovner and Duncan Neuhauser, 2001, ISBN 1-56793-145-6.

One thought on “Source of Quotation From Eliot Freidson

  1. Hi jstou-ga,

    Thanks for your question.

    The quote comes from a chapter (called Patterns of Practice in the

    Hospital) in the book, "Profession of Medicine: A Study of the

    Sociology of Applied Knowledge." The complete citation is below:

    "Profession of Medicine: A Study of the Sociology of Applied

    Knowledge," by Eliot Freidson. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1970,

    p. 115. ISBN: 006042205X

    The passage you quoted is preceded by, "I wish to emphasize a fact

    that is frequently overlooked in discussios of the organization and

    operation of hospitals. In circumstances most commonly studied . . . "

    Search strategy:

    I went to a medical library and did an author search on Eliot

    Friedson. I then leafed through several of the books looking for

    chapters or passages relating to anything that looked like it might

    apply to the quote.

    I hope this answers your question. If you need additional information,

    please request clarification before rating my answer and I'll do my

    best to assist you.



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