What is the price I can get for one of the last billy martin

autographs on a baseball program that was played opposite the boston

redsox., just days before he died.

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  1. Dear Rose,

    It seems that such an authenticated piece could grab $600 – $2500.

    Estimates are given here on the basis of the sales of similar items:

    Official American League baseball autographed by Billy Martin


    Sports Illustrated Magazine 6/25/75 autographed by Billy Martin


    Official American League baseball autographed by New York Yankees

    legends including Billy Martin, [and others…]


    Billy Martin autographed hand signed signature cut matted with color photo


    8×10 Color photo autographed by Billy Martin


    [All were available on Grand Stand Sports "Billy Martin Merchandise",


    So far so good, but also:

    Official Arizona Diamondbacks Card autographed by Billy Martin



    So, your first option is to sell it to a dealer, but, as a site warns:

    "If you want to sell a Billy Martin autograph, eBay is still your best

    bet. A dealer will only give you about 50% of an autograph's value.

    Thanks to eBay's extremely active baseball auctions, it's easy for

    anyone to auction off single autographs or entire autograph

    collections for their market value.". (SOURCE: 2Baseball "Billy Martin

    Autographs" <>).

    On eBay, an item titled "BILLY MARTIN AUTOGRAPH AND CARD" is being

    auctioned on a minimum "Buy It Now" price of $49.95 (higher than the

    price of an autographed card at Grand Stand Sports):

    Billy Martin Autographed Baseball

    However, there are also items beginning with $1 bid…

    See all related auctions:

    (ordered by price, highest price first).

    2Baseball also proposes, in order to being able to evaluate the piece:

    "if you collect autographs, you definitely need a guidebook. It's the

    easiest way to avoid getting taken. Dan Zachofsky's Handbook for

    Collecting Baseball Memorabilia is a good source for information on

    baseball autographs and their selling prices. The Standard Catalog of

    Sports Autographs is another popular value guide. " (SOURCE: ibid).

    Finally, the Billy Martin site's FAQ also addresses the subject:

    "I have memorabilia/autograph of Billy Martin; can you tell me how

    much it is worth?

    Our memorabilia experts are able to provide professional appraisals on

    all sports and entertainment related items. There is a nominal fee for

    this service, which will include a written appraisal. We also are

    actively purchasing vintage sports memorabilia and can provide auction

    services for those who wish to sell their "

    (SOURCE: The Billy Martin Site, <>).

    I hope this answered your question. I searched for ["billy martin"

    autograph] for to research this answer. Please contact me if you need

    further clarification on this answer before you tip/rate it.

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