Stereo Installation/removal For 1998 Honda Accord


I have a 1998 Honda Accord (V6 EX four door sedan). I recently had it

serviced and the power was cut off. The stereo's anti-theft mechanism

requires that I enter a code in order to activate the stereo again.

Unfortuantly, I bought the car used and don't have that code. I'm

told that I need to get the serial number off of the radio and Honda

can give me the code.

We've managed to figure out how to remove the bolts holding the facing

of the stereo/heat panel off the console. However, this panel has the

air vents fastented to it. So, we can't get it removed enough to pull

out the stereo and get the serial number.

How do we remove the panel, disconnecting the air vents? It can't be

that hard, right? But, we really don't want to break the air vents.

Help! 🙂

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  1. justwondering…

    The key seems to be the removal of a screw hidden behind the

    digital clock in between the vents. The clock trim bezel snaps

    out, though it is held tightly in place with clips. Once that's

    out, you can unplug the clock and access a phillips-head screw

    behind it which, along with the 2 more obvious and accessible

    screws at the bottom of the faceplate, beneath the radio and

    ashtray, should allow you to remove the faceplate and access

    the radio mountings.

    The following page, from the AutoToys website, illustrates

    the procedure very nicely with pictures:

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