Story Rights and Useage

Is the story Charlotte's Web now in the public domain?

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  1. Hello Memorymaker~

    According to official U.S. Copyright Recrods, author E.B. White

    renewed her copyright for Charlotte's Web in May of 1980. You can

    check the record yourself by going to the U.S. Copyright Office ( ) and searching under the

    title "charlotte's web." (No caps.) The entry looks like this:

    Registration Number: RE-60-681

    Title: Charlotte's web. By E. B. White, illustrator: acGarth Williams.

    Claimant: E. B. White & Garth Williams (A)

    Effective Registration Date: 19May80

    Original Registration Date: 15Oct52;

    Original Registration Number: A71632.

    Original Class: A

    As you can see by looking at this handy website by University of North

    Carolina ( ), a copyright

    renewal made in 1980 is not in the public domain.

    Best wishes,



    search at U.S. Copyright Office

  2. My colleague Pinkfreud has pointed out to me that E.B. White was not

    female, but male. So I should have said that "E.B. White renewed HIS

    copright…" Sorry for the confusion! 🙂


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