Sudden Acute Retinal Deteriation Syndrom (Blindness) in Golden Retrievers

this is a question for a veterinarian…

my 8 year old gplden retriever has gone blind in a matter of days…we

have had her seen by the opthamoligists at the university of tennessee

knoxville…they are calling it SARDS (sudden acute retinal

deteriation syndrom)…the syndrom part means they don't know why

she's gone suddenly blind… my question is this: she had her yearly

check-up on june 13, 2002…she had heartworm test and then received

the 6-month heartworm preventative injection, a rabbies vaccine and

Dhlppc yearly vax all at that visit…is it possible that one or more

of these injections could be the cause of her blindness? a gamit of

test were performed and all her bloodwork came out fine except she is

overweight and she tested possitive for hypothyroid…i'm just curios

as to whether or not anyone is tracking these drugs or the individual

batches of them.

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