Survey Data on Corporate Usage of Personnel Selection Methods

I am trying to find data on the proportions of US corporations using

personnel selection methods (like ability tests, assessment

centers)for the recruitment of graduates, managers and other staff to

compare with data I already have for England. In England such data is

usually produced by academics, psychological test producers etc.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your question. In the US – but they do have the tendency to

    go international – there is one leading organization for these issues:

    the ASTD. I believe that it stands for the American Society for

    Training and Development but they are now only using their acronym.

    Their website offers a wealth of information, although they do ask

    payment for some of their key research.

    Every year they release a report on the state of the industry, as they

    call it. They do publish a free summery of that report, but that is

    really only a teaser with very general information.

    Their key work is benchmarking. They rely very much in the input from

    their members and others from the industry and others to compare

    development in the industry in a very detailled way: you will have to

    look for the benchmaking forum.

    "ASTD provides expertise in project management; international business

    issues; research, survey development, and statistical analysis;

    database and information management; and content across the field of

    training, learning, and performance improvement," they write

    themselves about the forum.

    I have seen some of their report in the past and it is certainly worth

    the money you have to pay.

    Thanks again for your question,



    the summery of "The state of the industry"

    The benchmarking forum

    Their general website

  2. The ASTD deals with training and development issues, as the name

    suggests, but has nothing to do with what my question was aimed at

    discovering – finding a source of data (or better still publicly

    available data as such) regarding personnel SELECTION methods. On the

    whole, a lot more information is produced regarding training than

    selection, and a lot more general blah blah than hard data on actual

    usage. So, regrettably, the ASTD reference doesn't really address the

    question as such.

    Any other thoughts would be much aprpeciated,

  3. I agree with you that the ASTD's free information has a high level of

    fried air. When I would not have met them in person, hear them talk

    and had a thorough look at their printed material, I would not have

    advised them to you as the leading source for the information you ask.

    They do have exactly the information you are looking for. That does

    includes also recruitment strategies, as you asked.

    The tendency of keeping the real useful information out of the public

    arena is not only their strategy. A related organization for the

    public service is pursuing this strategy in a similar way as you can

    see at the web site of of the IPMA.

    The free available information I could locate was less than useful:

    mainly propaganda for companies promoting their services, but no

    attempt to consolidate research on the issues you are interested in.

    It seems to be part of a change in the Internet that is irreversible:

    the real useful information is becoming increasingly proprietary. I'm

    sorry I cannot help you out further.

    Link to ASTD recruitment information

    The site of the IPMA

    A propaganda-site

    Search terms under google:

    personnel selection USA

    recruitment USA

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