Tennis Club Committee's Responsibilities For Child Safety

I'm on a local tennis club committee and we are trying to ensure we

are providing a safe environment for our junior players. (Safe as in

safe from sexual abuse or predatory behaviour.) We are considering

introducing police checks on all parents who supervise or transport

the children but that is very involved and expensive as well as being

a fairly heavy handed approach. And we want to do this without

offending anyone. (I know that people shouldn't be offended, but some

believe it's overkill and are talking about not making themselves

available for supervision or transport which puts a lot of pressure on

the other parents.) We've no reason to believe we have a problem,

we're just wanting to introduce some preventative 'duty of care'

measures, and we're wondering if there is a list of appropriate

actions that we could follow. We're all volunteers and our club is in

Australia. What are other clubs or associations are doing to protect

these youngsters from the scourge of child abuse. Is there a pro forma

or agreement format that we could get all parents and supervisors to

sign? Any suggestions?

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