Tennis Coach

I want to take private tennis lessons. I need to find a tennis coach

with extensive training experience near Santa Monica/Beverly Hills

area. The fees are irrelevant. I am looking for one of the best.

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  1. Thanks for asking!

    As a club-level tennis player in Southern California, I found my

    skills improved most rapidly though the prestigious Vic Braden Tennis

    College program. The intensive three day clinics and personalized

    instruction sessions were just the ticket to provide breakthroughs in

    various aspects of my game. Though not quite in the Los Angeles area,

    the College sessions at Rancho Mirage Country Club (Palm Springs area)

    are within practical traveling distance. During the College clinics,

    the coaches and instructors are also excellent people to consult for

    recommendation of a personal tennis pro or coach, since they are able

    to see and diagnose your game and strokes, and recommend teaching

    professionals matched to your specific needs.

    Vic Braden Tennis College

    2002 Schedule

    In the Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica areas, I've located the

    following USTPA teaching professionals who offer private coaching.

    I've included web links whenever available.

    Steve Bellamy

    Affiliation: Palisades Tennis Center

    (310) 573-1331 (includes client


    Steve Starleaf

    Affiliation : Burbank Tennis Center

    Director of Tennis

    (818) 973-1683

    Ronald Agenor

    Affiliation: Burbank Tennis Center

    (310) 236-8853

    Bill Nissley

    Affiliation: Santa Monica Tennis Club

    (310) 453-3009

    Sue Pendo

    Affiliation: Riviera Tennis Club, Pacific Palisades

    (310) 454-6162

    Rodger Lolley

    Marina del Rey

    (310) 306-3330

    Peggy Reilly

    Affiliation: Westchester Tennis Center, Santa Monica College

    (310) 305-1794

    Additional Tennis Instruction Resources:

    US Tennis Professionals Association

    This tennis professional's organization offers a Find A Pro database

    online. By entering a zip code, you can locate teaching professionals

    in your area.


    Find A Pro

    California Tennis Network

    The California Tennis Network Classified section advertises several

    tennis coach listings.

    Tennis Network Classifieds

    Google search terms:

    southern california tennis pro OR coach

    tennis instruction ("beverly hills" OR "santa monica" OR "pacific


    tennis coaching ("beverly hills" OR "santa monica" OR "pacific


    I hope this listing helps you find the perfect tennis coach. If you

    have any questions about the information provided, please, feel free

    to ask. It's been a pleasure to be of Service! 😉


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