Theatre and Caberat Club Interiors

We need to scout locations for a photo shoot.

I am looking for images of old caberet club and theatre interiors

(that still exist).

They could be sleazy or really quite magical and dreamlike.

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Dear Monkol,

Where should this location be? One could probably find many places in

Germany (I could think of several off hand, in Berlin, in Dresden and

in Leipzig), but if you're constrained to a certain country/city,

please tell us.

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It could be anywhere in Europe as we can travel – it's more about the

feel of the place- in that it should feel like it's other worldy (from

a undefineable time or place). So Germany sounds promising…

If you need to know more just let me know

Many Thanks


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I would like to know that we?re on the same page here. I know it is

difficult to explain what you visualise (and for a film you need other

considerations, such as power/light spots, etc.). However, please take

a look at the following and tell me if these are the kind of places

you?re looking for:

Location One. (tiny in size)



Location two (medium in size)

Audience View 1 <>

Audience View 2 <>

Outview: <>

Bar <<

Same place during an event <>

Location three (medium in size)



Location Four (large in size):

Outview <>

Stage + Audience <>

Audience <>


Location Five (in something similar to a circus tent, but it looks

much better than the way it sounds):



Request for Question Clarification bypoliticalguru-ga


Did you like these places? Do you need different types of places?

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