Theme Song For Television Show in Germany

I want to know the Title and Artist name for the theme song used on an

adult television series in Germany on the ONYX network named "Electric

Blue". It was the late 1990's when I was there and watched the show.

The song has female vocals in english.

Request for Question Clarification byscriptor-ga

Dear phildrennen,

I know the "Electric Blue" erotic TV series (a British production,

dubbed for German TV) and I even remember the first words of the main

theme – "Now the time has come…". But unfortunately, all my efforts

to find out what the title of the song is and who sang it led nowhere.

So I can't provide you an answer; but at least, I found the British

company that produced "Electric Blue". They still exist, and they

might be able to provide you reliable information:

Paul Raymond Organisation Ltd.

2 Archer St., Piccadilly

London, W1D 7AW

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7292 8000

Fax: +44 20 7734 5030



Clarification of Question byphildrennen-ga

Yes, I'm aware there is no answer there on the board. That's why I'm

trying to pay someone to get the info. If I could do it I wouldn't

have to ask someone.

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