Title and Author of Book-Fiction

A book was written before 1981..it was about a practical nurse who

received an inheritance from a patient. With this money she bought a

Kentucky Thoroughbred horse farm. The story is about her breeding and

racing horses, and about her acceptance in the Kentucky horse circles.

Other parts of the book are about the Keenland Horse Sales, horse

race handicapping, and ticks in horse breeding. I always thought the

title was "Thoroughbred", but I have not been able to trace it. I

even thought I read that it was a book of the month selection at one

time. Can you find this book for me?

Thank-you. PS..I have read this book several times, so I know it

exists..otherwise, I must have dreamed the whole thing! It is a LONG

book..something like the length of Hawaii.

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  1. Hi sandy1947,

    Here's your book!

    Bluegrass by Borden Deal

    468 pages

    Doubleday; 1st ed. in the U.S.A edition (1976)

    ISBN: 0385018215

    [the photo may not match your recollection if you read a different edition]


    "When a former nurse with a newly acquiared fortune buys a rundown

    horse-breeding farm, it soon becomes evident that entry into

    Kentucky's bluegrass country is one thing and entree to Kentucky's

    blue-blood society is quite another." Maude Sage is the heroine who

    hires a general manager who has a gambling problem but also has a

    wonderful way with thoroughbreds in the stable. Together they set out

    to develop a new bloodline to match that of Man o' War.."

    "Thrilling novel about a woman who tackles running a horse farm in

    Kentucky's bluegrass country, under the disapproving eyes of

    Kentucky's blue-blood society."

    Photo of Bantam paperback here:


    You'll find lots of used copies to choose from here:



    I enjoyed finding this for you. If it's not the book or if you have

    any questions, please post a clarification request and wait for me to

    respond before closing/rating my answer.

    Thank you,


    I searched the used book websites for the terms: nurse inheritance horses

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