Title of a Rainbow Child Story

It was a recording of a children's story on a cassette tape. The

publisher was British, so I assume it's a British author, but I do not

recall any specific names.

I also don't know how the story begins, but I know that the young boy

was out fishing, and he caught some type of talking fish. The fish

magically produced a rainbow in his pail, and the boy returned home

with it after thanking the fish (the fish being obviously gracious

because he wasn't eaten).

Along the way, the boy finds an injured person who is cut somewhere, I

think on the leg. The boy bandages a the cut with a piece of the

rainbow. He also enounters a hungry person, to whome he gives another

piece of the rainbow. There are a couple of additional stops along

the way before the boy reaches his house. He looks into his pail, and

sees that only a small piece of the rainbow remains. He is not

perturbed by this; rather, he is satisfied that he helped so many

people on his way home, and the end of the tale finds him content.

I'm trying to find the title, author of this story and whether it's

available in a print edition or in cassette tape. Thanks in advance

for any help!

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