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Several years ago, I read a sci-fi book that dealt with a planet that

was populated with (possibly ant-like) sentient beings. The book was

the story of the development of science on their planet, through their

"renaissance" era, to modern times. Unfortunately for our ant-like

creatures, their sun was slowly growing, or preparing to go supernova,

or something similarly disasterous. The title was MAYBE something

along the lines of "Cities in the sky", because I think they

eventually evacuated their planet on massive city-like starships. It

was definitely written before 1996 (I read it in either 94, 95 or 96),

but is possibly from the 1980's. Can someone find it for me?

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  1. I'm delighted to have been able to help you identify your book as John

    Brunner's "The Crucible of Time." Your descriptions were excellent,

    and were very helpful in my search.

    Since I read a lot of science fiction, I can sometimes recognize a

    book by its description. This time, however, I had to rely on Google

    to track down the answer. As it turned out, this was a book I haven't

    read, so I would never have guessed it without help!

    This is the combination of search terms that led me to "The Crucible of Time":

    Google Web Search: alien world scientist OR scientists "their planet"


    The search string mentioned above brought many results, among which

    was this page, from SF Reviews:

    SF REviews: The Crucible of Time


    So, armed with this clue, I browsed around the Web to see what I could

    learn about "The Crucible of Time." One of the users' comments on

    Amazon sounded very much like the kind of plot that you described:

    "On another world very much like ours, people deal with various

    problems in several distinct ages. The characters are genuinely

    likeable and even heroic. You kind of forget they're bugs, mostly.

    There is almost a renaissance flavor to one of the periods."

    Amazon: The Crucible of Time


    This review, which I found in a newsgroup, provides quite a bit of detail:

    Net.books newsgroup: book review by Evelyn C. Leeper


    This was an interesting quest, and now I have another book on my list

    of "Stuff I Must Read When I Have the Time."

    Very best regards,


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