Toast to the Bride(Half Irish) and Groom (Full Irish)

I have to propose this toast +/- 5 minutes.Have done this over the

years for 4 other brides …all friends of the current bride,and am

running out of ideas.Would like something with good Irish content.The

couple are intelligent,university graduates,full of fun and game for

anything I might say!

Groom is a Corporate Lawyer,Bride an HR Consultant.Both live and work in London.

Request for Question Clarification bypoliticalguru-ga

Dear Whyru,

How did you get to know them? Are they good friends of yours (do you

have any special stories about them)? Is "Irishness" of importance to

them? Is the wedding an "Irish" one?

Request for Question Clarification bypoliticalguru-ga

And another question if you don't mind: quotes would be OK (as part of the toast)?

Clarification of Question bywhyru-ga

Good start!!

Molly is now 32,the daughter of very old friends and I have known her

since she was 8 .I have many "stories" and would weave them into the

text of the speech. Her mother and father live in South Africa,where

the wedding will take place.She met Michael in London.His parents live

in Belfast and he has two married sisters living in New Zealand.I have

spent but a few days in Michael's company and he certainly has kissed

the stone!Like him very much and they should be good for one

another.He plays rugby for the London Irish.

Several of his family and an undetermined number of his Irish pals

will fly out for the wedding,and there will be a local Irish

attendance of her parents'friends.So, the "Irishness" is is of

some,but not excessive importance.

Don't think the wedding is "Irish" but will check.Quotes are very acceptable.

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  1. Dear Whyru,

    I have here two versions. However, I also added some links to help you

    find further quotes, blessings and the such.

    Version I


    If I may have your attention ? I?d like to express our gratitude to

    Mr. and Mrs. [Smith], who have invited us to this lovely ceremony for

    Molly and Michael, in sunny [Johannesburg]. I have known Molly since

    the 1970s. Do you remember this decade? I mostly remember horrible

    platform shoes and disco music. And that was the good part. Molly got

    over this bleak period in history, however. She also survived the

    1980s. [Here you can say something about her childhood]. In the 1990s,

    when asked, most kids would say that Queen Victoria was married to

    David Beckham, and that politicians are at home at ?Big Brother?.

    Molly and Michael managed through these horrible times as well.

    In fact, both Molly and Michael have done pretty well, given those sad

    circumstances, and managed not to read one piece of rubbish about

    Brittney Spears throughout college. Molly became a human resources

    consultant. She is an excellent human resource consultants ? this is

    evident by her choice of Michael. Not only that this lucky charm of

    hers is best candidate for the job, but he had also managed to pass

    all of the screenings that HR consultants run these days. No, he also

    doesn?t listen to Brittney Spears.

    Michael is also blessed with wit. As a rugby player, he knows that one

    should catch the opportunities that the game poses to you. As a

    corporate lawyer, he immediately understood that Molly is such catch,

    one that should be held with a good contract. How about that ?till

    death do us part? contract? Clever choice!

    As John Wesley?s said, "an ounce of love is worth a pound of

    knowledge". In this case, knowledge invested in love brings the best

    results. And in this case, may you have many prosperous years to get

    to love each other together, and as the Irish proverb goes:

    [May you live as long as you want/And never want as long as you live.

    I am torn between this one and:

    May there be a generation of children

    On the children of your children.] To Molly and Michael!


    Version II:


    If I may, I would like to express my gratitude to my good friends

    [Molly?s parents] and to [Mrs. And Mrs. Michael?s parents] for this

    wonderful wedding. Plato once said, that ?At the touch of love,

    everyone becomes a poet?. Well, I guess that I am actually not at

    Molly and Michael?s wedding, but at a poetry convention!

    A famous physicist had once said: /

    Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love/

    You see, Michael and Molly wed/

    And it seems that every blessing falls from above

    People came from the other end of the earth/

    To share this joy and bliss/

    To witness this ? almost a rebirth/

    And of course to see them kiss!

    Molly and Michael, what a pair! /

    Professional, successful, attractive and beautiful/

    And let us not forget ? love is in the air/

    Together they are three-quarters Irish ? luck is bountiful!

    So let me propose this toast. Tolstoy has once said, that everything

    he understand, he does because he loves. I wish you many years of

    mutual understanding and happy marriage. To Michael and Molly!


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    I hope this answers your question. Naturally, I will be happy to

    clarify my answer and help you further, before you rate it.

  2. You are dealing with me, but I'm pretty sure that Probonopublico was

    trying to help. He has given a comment that might have been the best


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