Trabeculectomy: Risk and Reward

How risky is it to have a trabeculectomy done to both eyes? What are

the success rates for this procedure? And finally, who is the best

eye surgeon or what is the best eye clinic in the upstate New York

area (say within 150 miles of Oneonta)?

One thought on “Trabeculectomy: Risk and Reward

  1. Hello,

    The following link contains information on the trabeculectomy surgery:

    According to the above site:

    "Two years after a trabeculectomy, 85% to 95% of people have lower

    pressure in their eyes. However, many people need another

    trabeculectomy surgery or other treatments for glaucoma".

    The following link contains information on Glaucoma Services offered

    by the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary:

    This is a list of opthamologists I found from the above site:

    From a personal point of view: I had the trabeculectomy surgery in

    1998 in one eye (the pressure was up to 49 and laser surgery didn't

    lower it). Since then, my pressure has been hovering between 15 and

    18. As with most eye surgeries, the specialists would only operate on

    one eye at a time (I also had to have laser surgery in the other eye

    and had to wait two months for that procedure).

    I hope this information is helpful.



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