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I need the song "The Prayer" by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church

translated entirely into English

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  1. Hello there

    The lyrics are translated but set out in a rather confusing way at:

    What they've done here is pick the first line in Italian within the

    main lyrics and make it the first line of the translation. The second

    line in Italian in the song is the second line in English in the

    translation. And so on….

    Since this is far from convenient I've rearranged it for you, with

    tiny changes keeping slightly more strictly to the original Italian

    (and hopefully proving I do understand the language and am not just

    messing about!)

    I pray you'll be our eyes

    And watch us where we go

    And help us to be wise

    In times when we don't know

    Let this be our prayer

    As we go our way

    Lead us to a place

    Guide us with your Grace

    To a place where we'll be safe

    The light that you give us

    I pray we'll find your light

    Will stay in our hearts

    And hold it in our hearts

    Reminding us

    When stars go out each night

    You are an everlasting star

    In my prayer

    Let this be our prayer

    There's so much faith

    When shadows fill our day

    Lead us to a place

    Guide us with your grace

    Give us faith so we'll be safe.

    We dream of a world without more violence

    A world of Justice and of hope

    Everyone give your hand to your neighbor

    Symbol of peace and brotherhood

    The strength you give us

    We ask that life be kind

    Is the wish that

    And watch us from above

    Everyone may find love

    We hope each soul will find

    Around and within himself

    Another soul to love

    Let this be our prayer

    Just like every child

    Just like every child

    Needs to find a place,

    Guide us with your grace

    Give us faith so we'll be safe

    And the faith that

    You've lit inside us

    I feel will save us

    In some parts the translation sounds a bit awkward; it's almost as if

    you have to listen to either the Italian lines OR the English lines.

    Or think of it as two intertwining songs. But I may be making things

    too complicated.

    It's beautiful to listen to and that's what matters.

    Hope this answers your question. Please ask if you want me to clarify


    And happy listening.

    My search strategy was "Charlotte Church" + lyrics

    And I checked here to be sure of Josh Groban's involvement:

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