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8 Great Places to Visit in Europe

Are you thinking of making a European trip soon? Depending on whether you want to be as frugal as possible, or if you want to splash out on a romantic weekend, there are some great places to try. When working out the details of your trip, from travel insurance to flights and hotels, consider how you can make the most of individual cities and countries through discounted rail fares like Inter-Rail, and through seeing less well known parts of destinations.

1 – Amsterdam

The Dutch capital has a reputation for liberalism when it comes to smoking and other activities; Amsterdam is actually more diverse than that, though, and is home to some of the best museums in Europe, as well as one of the most well designed city centres. The Rijksmuseum, the Vondelpark, and the Anne Frank House are particularly recommended.

2 – Croatia

For several years now Croatia has been one of the most popular destinations in Europe for its low price flights and accommodation; visiting Croatia can involve enjoying the Mediterranean climate of the country’s West Coast, which is close to Italy, or staying in large cities such as Zabreb and Dubrovnik. Croatia is also home to excellent sailing and National Parks like Plitvice, making it one of the best value destinations on the continent.

3 – Istanbul

This Turkish city is large enough to contain both European and Asian borders, and is an excellent destination if you want to take in architecture like the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace, which immersing yourself in street markets, cheap food and alcohol, and some of the most fascinating historical sites in the world.

4 – London

OK, technically in the UK (it’s still Europe), London is closer to home but still excellent if you want to really push the boat out with places you haven’t seen in the capital. Skip the West End’s landmarks for a change and explore the markets and the Indian food of the East End and Brick Lane, or head North to Hampstead Heath for unbeatable views over the rest of this endlessly impressive city.

5 – Bruges

A medieval town that draws millions of tourists every year for its architecture, quiet atmosphere, and shopping, Bruges’ charm can be identified through the Groeninge Museum, boutique Belgian chocolate shops, and cruises along its canal.

6 – Berlin

One of the best world cities in Europe, Berlin is the German capital and one of the most cost effective places to visit if you know where to look. Cheaper rents and hotels can still be found in the East Berlin part of the city, which was formerly under Communist rule until the Berlin Wall came down in the 1990s. See restaurants, museums, and galleries i the Mitte central area, and explore the city by the low cost U-Bahn.

7 – Reykjavik

This city in Iceland is an excellent point from which to appreciate the natural beauty of the country; here you can see the Northern Lights, while also exploring Botanical Gardens, theatres, whale watching and zoos, as well as one of the best nightlifes in Northern Europe. While Reykjavik can get a bit pricey, it’s still one of the most unique places to go on the continent.

8 – Paris

Worth visiting at least once, Paris is recommended just for hitting all of the French capital’s major landmarks, which include the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees. However, you can also shop and find excellent food in the Left Bank and Montmartre, while wandering through the city’s many arrondissements in search of world class restaurants, cinemas, and markets.

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