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Embark On Mexico Travel and Learn About Mayan Prophecies

For the Mayans, the sky with all its components held unfathomable fascination and what better way to validate this fact than by counting the number of observatories dotting the area of Mayan occupation during Mexico travel?

Sun, moon, stars, planets and other heavenly bodies notwithstanding, the astral body which received the maximum attention of the learned men of this race was the planet Venus. Such was its importance that all decisions pertaining to the kingdom like war, planting, harvesting and so on were taken in relation to the planet’s position in the sky.

Like the way in which an artist studies his subject in great detail prior to representing it on canvas, the Mayans spent considerable time observing the layout of the sky. In retrospect many historians attribute their survival through 3000 years to this star gazing and plotting and calculations which followed.

If you enjoy overseas adventure travel and are intrigued by ancient civilizations as well then probably touring the various Mayan archeological sites in erstwhile Mesoamerica would be an ideal choice for you. Mayan belief on astral positions was not just limited to working out opportune dates – they used this knowledge to make several prophecies pertaining to the time to come as well.

Cognizance of Mayan prophecies

Cognizance of Mayan prophecies is a must for anyone embarking on Mexico travel as everything can then be adjudged and appreciated in the backdrop of these predictions. The one which is a hot topic of debate nowadays is the Mayan prophecy which is regarded as being the first in sequence.

Through this prophecy, the Mayans have predicted the end of the world on December 22nd, 2012, and have advised that humanity should prepare for that day by evolving into a peaceful and harmonious race.

Second in the list of Mayan prophecy was the prediction that on and beyond the date of August 11th, 1999, mankind would either turn for better or steer towards the worse. This date coincided with the last complete eclipse of the Sun in the twentieth century and thus proved the accuracy and highly advanced nature of Mayan astronomical calculations. On this day, we on Earth saw a ring of fire cross the sky from west to east and this was meant to be an indication that there are only 13 more years left in order to improve.

Going through the Mexico travel program, you will come across the third prophecy and it is but natural to feel astonished and amazed that the phenomena of global warming could have been predicted so long ago. Indeed the Mayans worked out that a time will come in the distant future when man’s logic will no longer be synchronized with nature. As per the third prophecy this will be the cause of disruptions like forest fires, disruption of harvest, evaporation of water and volcanic eruptions.

Following the third prophecy, the fourth indicates further aggravation of the climatic conditions and more specifically mentions the melting of polar ice. So how could the Mayans be certain about this?


Once again it is the planet Venus which helped them and much of the deduction can be seen first hand by tourists on Mexico travel program. Deciphering is obviously a different problem but the approximate deduction was that after an interval of every 5000 years there would be changes for the worse.

As per the fifth prophecy, there would be a vast discrepancy between people and their leaders because the latter would be consumed by greed and corruption will be the order of the day. Thanks to their intimate study of all stellar bodies, Mayans were able to predict in their sixth prophecy that there would appear in the galaxy a comet whose trajectory would cross Earth’s orbit and the collision would lead to destruction.

It is the seventh prophecy which is the last and in this Mayans have indicated the renaissance of the human race through reawakening of conscience and a feeling of being united.

The fact that all these happenings have been validated is reason enough for any individual to feel inspired to undertake a Mexico travel agenda irrespective of whether he may or may not enjoy overseas adventure travel.

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