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Enjoy New World of Adventure by Learning to Sail

The adventure holiday market is becoming incredibly saturated, but much of what package holiday promoters call “adventure” is anything but. If you’re looking for a truly adventurous holiday, why not charter a boat and become your own tour guide?

Today, adventure holidays have become something of a status symbol, but for true adventure seekers, the idea of an adventure holiday where you travel in a large party, with a guide, through areas where hundreds of other people have already been seems more like an over-commercialized experience than a real adventure. If you crave something different a chance to go somewhere unknown and enjoy the thrill of exploration and spontaneity, why not head off on your own and see the world the way the real explorers did?

Freedom to Explore

Sailing is a good way to explore a new island or coastal region and it can be thrilling and empowering too. Chartering a yacht lets you head off wherever you want and see new places on your own schedule, with no annoying fellow tour-goers holding you back or boring you with their tales of their last Alaskan whale-watching tour. If you want to charter a yacht, you’ll need to have the right sailing qualification, which means you’ll need to look in to how to learn to sail before you go.

If you’ve never thought about chartering a yacht before, then finding out how to learn to sail probably hasn’t been on your agenda. The good news is that there are a lot of places in the UK offering sailing tuition. The best qualification to get (and the one recognized by most yacht charter companies) is the International Certificate of Competence. Training at a RYA approved school ensures that you get the best tuition possible. Beginner courses last for one day, while more advanced courses can run for a week or more, offering a lot of time at sea.

Make Your Own Adventure Itinerary

Learning to sail could be considered to be an adventure holiday in its own right, especially if you’ve never been out in a small yacht before. The real adventure, however, comes when you take your experience and head to foreign waters to explore. If you plan on sailing long distances, you will need to take the Offshore Exam. This involves a mixture of practical sailing and a paper navigation exam.

Once you have a sailing qualification, you can explore the Amalfi coast, go island hopping in the Caribbean, or explore Fiji, the Cook Islands and Guinea. Because you are your own skipper, you can go anywhere you want and stay for as little or as long as you want on each island. You can go for walks around volcanoes, trek through the jungle, go climbing, or lounge on a beach during the day and spend your nights enjoying the party atmosphere at your favourite resorts. The choice is yours.

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