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Have an adventure holiday afloat with the family

For a thrilling holiday with a difference, pack up the family and head for a canal or river at home or abroad. Make like a pirate and enjoy life afloat, but with none of the uncertainties of the high seas!

No experience required

Driving a river or canal cruiser is a simple task a steering wheel, forward and reverse gears with a top speed comparable to a fast walking pace means that stresses and worries soon recede. Life afloat takes on a rhythm of its own, where you decide how far to travel each day, stopping to moor up wherever takes your fancy.

Make sure you choose a reputable company, such as Le Boat, which has over 40 years’ experience building cruisers and planning holiday routes. The bigger the company, the more support and backup will be available to you and for first-timers in particular, an experienced company will have carefully managed holidays providing everything that you need.

Let the adventure begin!

You need to select your destination for your family boating adventure based on everyone’s hobbies and interests. Le Boat, for example, offers destinations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, so whether you want to relive Swallows and Amazons on the Norfolk Broads or discover the walled mediaeval cities of Southern France you are sure to find a holiday that gains your family’s approval.
The beauty of a boating holiday is that the whole family gets completely involved. Mooring up, casting off and navigating locks requires teamwork and even young children relish the responsibility of helping to chart your course pirate hats and wooden swords optional!

Your floating home from home

Traditional holidays tie you to one place, with any changes in itinerary requiring packing and unpacking along with all the associated stresses that brings. With a cruiser, everything you need travels with you, meaning you can stop and eat when you want, sleep when you want and moor up and explore whenever the fancy takes you. Cruisers come complete with fully equipped galley kitchens and in a range of sizes to accommodate up to 12 people.

Fresh air, plenty of exercise and the soothing quality that being near water provides all conspire to create suitably exhausted children at the end of each day. Even bedtime becomes a fun event, with beds springing up in all manner of places to create quiet cocoons where the children sleep whilst the grownups enjoy a relaxing drink up on the deck.

People who experience the delights of a river or canal cruising holiday always wax lyrical about the experience. Children are always captivated at watching the scenery unfold, with older children often choosing to explore the towpaths, scouting ahead to check for upcoming locks, weirs or potential hazards. Possibilities lie around each and every corner, with adventures to be had along the way. At last, a holiday option with kids that lets you relax too!

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