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Jungle Tours Across the Yucatan

Many people want to see tropical wildlife for what it really is. There is no better place on the planet to this than the Yucatan. Yucatan has nearly 100,000 acres, or more, of wildlife reserve. There are jungle-hiking routes that can challenge the veteran hiker and jungle hike routes that can be accomplished by the jungle novice. Besides the fact that jungle hiking can be easy and fun, hiking has many other benefits for you and the environment.

Popular Trails

The trails across the Yucatan Peninsula cover vast amounts of territory for your hiking pleasure. There are jungle-hiking trails in the Yucatan that rate at different difficulties.

Here are some of the more popular and easier of the trails, to ensure your jungle hiking experience is the safest and smoothest it can be:

Rota por Chitzen Itza – This Yucatan jungle hiking trail is just over 4 miles long and is one of the easiest and most popular trails. Rota por is rated as easy and can be done inside 2.5 hours. The trail loops around and ends where it begins, giving you that familiar feeling when you finally return.

Some of the Yucatan wildlife that you can expect to see on this quick jungle hike is the monarch butterfly for the bug lovers and maybe even the playful spider monkey – which are famous for their thievery, so watch your keys, hats, and wallets. There are countless types of wildlife lurking in the jungles of the Yucatan, including many bird species, such as the beautiful tropical mockingbird.

Hiking in the Yucatan Jungle

Hiking instead of driving jungle trails will save you not only money in gas, but it is also eco-friendly. The only footprint that is left behind from nice hike is the one from your boot. Let the troubles of your environmental worries fade away while on a jungle hiking trip through the Yucatan jungle.

Another great all in destination for an easy jungle hike is at the Xel-Ha Eco-park. To clear things up, the Eco-park’s name is actually pronounced shell-ha. The crystal clear water and pristine jungle all around the Xel-Ha ruins have been made for easy access to water-sports, hiking, or just strolling the beach.

The trails at Xel-Ha are short and easy, capable for any of the most novice jungle hikers in the Yucatan. The wild life you can expect to see there are birds of prey like the Yucatan own version of the Eagle-hawk. With these trails and ruins leading off the ocean side, you will find many different types of lizards, including iguanas of all sizes.

There is one other advantage to hiking over any other form of jungle exploration; it’s the connection that you get with nature. By touching the tropical grasses and trees, by feeling the ever-so slightly warm wind in your face, to observe the jungle and all its exotic and wild inhabitants close enough to touch it’s a type of connection that never fades. When that almost spiritual connection takes place, you may never want to leave!

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