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Playa Del Carmen Tours – Relive the Mayan Way of Life

Most people hold the opinion that the best way to learn something is to experience it first hand which is why opting for Playa del Carmen tours is imperative for experiencing the Mayan way of life. A normal day in the life of a Mayan family starts at four in the morning when the lady of the house used to be the first to get out of bed. Her scope of duties included lighting up fire and preparing the first meal of the day for the entire household. It was almost an hour later that the men and boys rise from sleep and have their first meal of the day and then they would depart to work the fields.

The Mayan society was classified into various sections and this was mostly accomplished on the basis of profession. While priests and noblemen occupied the topmost rung of society, the middle class was formed by warriors, traders, craftsmen and farmers and slaves were the lowest in hierarchy.

Each of these classes has left behind plenty of relics and all it takes is chalking out of Guatemala travel plan to witness the remnants. Playa del Carmen tours are a great way to learn more about the description of every class.

Farmers were supposed to work not just on their own plot of land but also on the communal plot not to mention the garden attached to the house. Depending on the type of land, the responsibility was on the farmer to prepare it and make it fit for cultivation and subsequently plant crops. Water for cultivation likewise irrigation was brought in from the swamps through canals and a well laid out irrigation network.

As tourists discover on Playa del Carmen tours, it was common to find trees lining the farm land and most often there were either cocoa or sapodillas.

Craftsmen were responsible for meeting the basic needs of people and were basically artisans who were experts in different trades. Thus, the weavers had to weave fabrics, the potters made pottery and sometimes clay figurines and the scientifically oriented made musical instruments of various types. Clothes for men comprised simply of a loin cloth while women wore vibrantly colored sack-like dresses.

Members of noble families had the privilege to wear fine fabrics adorned with beads, shells and other embellishments. Many of these have been found at various Mayan ruins and can be easily examined while on Playa del Carmen tours.

Priests and noblemen were given more complicated functions like to measure the passage of time, plot calendars and appease the Gods in order to ensure fair weather for crops to grow. Much of this entailed careful and relentless observation of elements of the sky and ultimately each day was allotted a name and number. Likewise, a Mayan calendar had 18 months wherein each month had 20 days and there were five additional days which were designated as being unlucky and hence inauspicious.

Trips of Playa del Carmen tours would reveal a separate religious calendar characterized with 260 days.

If there was a common unifying factor through all these social stratifications, it was the Mayan love of hair. Having been genetically blessed with thick black hair, all Mayans irrespective of caste, creed and gender used to wear their hair long although there might have been variations in style and head-dresses.

Men usually kept the front of their heads without hair, braided the remaining only to roll it up into a crown in such a way a tail was left dangling at the back. In the case of women, their hair was either divided into two parts or braided and then tied in different ways.

Hairstyles as also head dresses are common topics of depictions in sites covered under Playa del Carmen tours as also Guatemala travel packages and hence can be personally adjudged to form an opinion of this civilization.

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