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Things to do on a Budget in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is trade and financial centre, packed with sky scrapers and bustling with activity. But it’s also a good destination for those on a budget as there’s plenty to do besides shop.

Take a walk to Victoria Peak on Mount Austin to get panoramic views over Kong Hong, Kowloon and Victoria Harbour. Less adventurous travellers can take a tram, or you can walk up the steep Old Peak Road. The British names are a result of Hong Kong’s occupation by the British Empire in the 19th Century, which greatly influenced the city’s culture.

Delight your taste buds in Hong Kong’s eateries, which offer a range from dim sum to haute cuisine, in street cafes to fine restaurants. Stop in at one of Hong Kong’s celebrated dessert houses which offer fruit sweets made from mangos, watermelon and other exotic fruits. The city is celebrated for its range of cuisine that is Asian, Western and everything in between, and caters for all kinds of palates and pockets.

Hong Kong’s population density means cheap transport, on buses, trains, trams and ferries. Take the opportunity to ferry out to Kowloon and experience the markets in this famous area of Hong Kong – from seafood to clothing to pets. Journey north and view some historical buildings such as the Kowloon Walled City, which was originally a Chinese military fort.

Hong Kong is a great destination for all kinds of tourists from those interested in exploring the markets to history enthusiasts and gastronomes. Get cheap flights to Hong Kong to enjoy the city first hand.

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I'm a photographer and a street musician. I also study graffiti

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