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Top Adventure Destinations for the Whole Family

There’s more to adventure holidays than safari trips, jungle hiking and skiing and you don’t have to give up on the adventurous life just because you have a child in tow. If you are looking for something exciting for your entire family do on vacation, then read on…

Planning a family holiday can be tricky. Many of the traditional holiday hot spots are far from family friendly and if you’re the adventurous sort you may struggle to find holiday companies that cater towards groups with younger travellers. While some holidays, such as extreme sports trips and vacations to regions with harsh climates, are not a good idea for families with younger children, there are some family-friendly holiday options out there. Here is a quick look at some family friendly holiday destinations that will entertain your children and satisfy your yearning for adventure.

Exploring the Lost city of Petra

Jordan is an ideal destination for adventure tours with an educational twist. Visitors can explore the spectacular desert scenery, learn about history and archaeology, explore the mysterious “Lost City” and learn a little about science along the way. You can sate your appetite for adventure by swimming in the Dead Sea, or snorkelling over coral in the Red Sea.

Trekking Through Costa Rica

The landscape of Costa Rica is rich and varied, with mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles and beaches. Why take your children to a zoo when they can see rare and exotica animals in their natural habitat, whilst enjoying hiking trips, horse riding, sailing and the chance to visit a banana plantation?

A trip to Costa Rica is one of the more energetic holiday options aimed at families, but it also offers a lot of valuable life experiences and will be something your children will talk about for many years to come.

History and Culture in Pompeii

A visit to Southern Italy is a good way to introduce your children to other cultures. The sites of Vesuvius and Pompey will create memories that your family will cherish for the rest of their lives and you can follow up the time you spend on the island of Capri with a quick visit to the mainland for sight-seeing and a tour of the Italian coast.

Travelling with children can be a difficult proposition, but if you choose a holiday provider that caters to families then it will make life easier for you. Many tour agencies will pair you up with other families, giving you the chance to meet like-minded people and offering your children the opportunity to make new friends too. If you decide to head abroad with your family, make sure that you have appropriate travel insurance arranged.

It is a good idea to talk to your children in advance and explain to them that people in foreign countries may have different customs and different expectations about their behaviour. The more your children know about your planned destination, the happier they’ll be when they get there.

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