Travel Agents That Will Take a Deposit on a First Class Reservation to Maui

I'm looking to book a vacation to Maui, Hawaii. I have found several

sites (like that allow you to book a

vacation package with a minimal deposit and then pay the balance at a

later date (with the total cost due 30 days before travel starts).

The catch is they all only allow the booking of coach airfare. I am

interested in booking first class tickets. Are there any sites,

travel agents, or agencies that do this?

I'm looking to travel between Dec 12-19. I'd be leaving from Austin,

TX. I'd prefer to travel on American Airlines, but am flexible. I'm

looking to stay at the Four Seasons but would consider other

comparable hotels.

Request for Question Clarification byleader-ga

Hello gilgamesh-ga:

I have been able to track down four travel agencies which offer its

clients to book customized vacation packages and than pay at a later

date. It gives you more flexibility to choose your class, hotel etc.

If you are interested in the kind of travel agencies, I will post my

answer as a comment and than only if you like it, you can ask me to

post it as an answer. This will allow you to have more information

even if you don't like my answer (since, it will be posted as a

comment). Thanks. Waiting for your reply.

Clarification of Question bygilgamesh-ga

Hi leader-ga,

If you don't mind posting it as a comment, that would be great. I'm

looking forward to hearing what you find.

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