Travel From Tangier to Gibraltar

I need the *current* (Summer 2002) schedule for the fast ferry

directly to and from Tangier/Gibraltar, *not* via Algeciras!


One thought on “Travel From Tangier to Gibraltar

  1. I’m afraid this service no longer operates according to an

    announcement dated July 2002 on an unofficial Gibraltar tourism web

    site at: “I am advised that

    the fast Catamaran service the "Mons Calpe" Between Gibraltar and

    Tangier is NO LONGER OPERATING However it has been replaced with a

    door-to-door service from Gibraltar using a coach to the ferry at

    Algeciras Bookings Blands (Gibraltar) Tel 79068 or 77012 Please

    contact them for full details

    There were some questions raised in the Gibraltar Parliament in

    September 1999 about the catamaran used for this service

    Search strategy: on Google: ferry, Tangier, Gibraltar, timetable

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