Trying to Find a Highway

This is a hard one to crack for me. Maybe someone else can give it a go.

Here goes:

We've heard of a home where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the

antelope play. But seldom is heard of an encouraging word from

hospitable dinosaurs suggesting where to stay. Tell us what highway

is overrun by these reptiles.

Request for Question Clarification bycynthia-ga

I have 3 guesses:

1) I'm going with Highway 180, the Petrified Forest National Park:

2) I-40, it also goes by the Petrified Forest:

There's mentions of dinosaurs that can be seen from I-40

…"The International Petrified Forest/Museum of the Americas/Dinosaur

Park is here. Not related to the national park service, still quite a

collection. The dinosaurs can be seen from I-40…"

3) QUESTION: What is the actual name of the highway known as the dinosaur highway?

ANSWER: Texas State Highway 183, near Leander, Texas, USA.

Let me know if you like one of these.


Request for Question Clarification bycynthia-ga

How about this:

…"Advertised with a baby Brachiosaurus at the nearby Comfort Inn.."

I found it by entering this into Google Images:

dinosaur billboard

It led me here:

One thought on “Trying to Find a Highway

  1. Howdy purplelady-ga,

    Thanks for accepting this as the answer to your question.

    As there are too many "numbered" highways that would address the question,

    and a good named "highway" that directly answers the question, it would

    appear that the "Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway" is the answer to the

    overall question of "Tell us what highway is overrun by these reptiles."

    "The two-state Byway combines opportunities to see dinosaur bones being

    excavated and prepared by paleontologists for museum display. Visit the

    museums along the Byway that showcase reconstructed skeletons and

    fleshed-out recreations of dinosaurs found in the area."

    Fitting the "hospitable dinosaurs suggesting where to stay" part of the

    "riddle" there is this location.

    "Dinah from the Dine-a-Ville Motel Vernal, UT"

    "Dinah, the 30' tall pink fiberglass Brontosaurus with long lashes, has been

    welcoming folks to town since the early 1970s. In 1969, George Millecam, the

    owner of the Dine-a-Ville Motel, decided to build some dinosaurs to attract


    Note that Vernal, Utah is on (among others) Highways 40 and 191, which is

    part of, and included in, the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway!

    If you need any clarification, please feel free to ask.

    Search strategy: Personal experience with stretches of the highway.

    Also, a Google search on: dinsoaur motel


    Looking Forward, denco-ga – Google Answers Researcher

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