Trying to Find a Movie Where I Only Vaguely Remember the Plot

I'm trying to find a movie that I don't remember very much about at

all… The plot I remember is that there was some sort of occurance,

like a manmade/ generated electrical pulse around the world that made

everyone die or disappear (I can't remember if there were bodies) at

the exact same moment in time. And there were a small group of people

that survived and they all figured out that the reason they survived

is that at the exact moment the pulse thing happened, they were all

about to die for other reasons (suicide, car accident, whatever). A

group of them eventually finds each other and some how try to figure

things out and get to some place (maybe where the pulse thing happened

from?) and I think there's 2 men and a woman and there's some love

triangle thing where of course one guy loses out. That's pretty much

all I remember that I can describe. I also might remember something at

the end where they discover 2 suns rising in the morning, but then

again that could be a completely different movie… I appreciate it

if you can figure out what this movie is!

2 thoughts on “Trying to Find a Movie Where I Only Vaguely Remember the Plot

  1. I am certain that your movie is "The Quiet Earth." This is one of my

    favorite films, and it matches your description beautifully.

    Internet Movie Database: The Quiet Earth (1985)

    There is a detailed plot description here:

    Wikipedia: The Quiet Earth

    "The Quiet Earth" is available on DVD and VHS:

    Amazon: The Quiet Earth (DVD)

    Amazon: The Quiet Earth (VHS)

    I hope this is the correct film! If it is not, or if anything is

    unclear or incomplete, please request clarification; I'll be glad to

    offer further assistance before you rate my answer.

    Best regards,


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