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I am looking for a TV programing schedule (similar to information you

would get from the TV Guide)for the pay for view channels. I live in

Orange, CT and the cabel TV service comes from "Cablevision of

southern Connecticut."

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What is the ZIP code where you live?

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Can you also let us know approximately how many pay per view channels

you receive on your cable service so we know if we've getting all the

channel info?

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My zip code is 06477

I believe there are as many as eight pay for view channels.

If you discern there are less, even only one or two, that information

would answer my question.


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Just as sa_mike stated in his comments, your best (free) bet is to use

TV Guide's online service. It's easy to use, doesn't require an

account be setup and they list 5 PPV channels for your cable provider

specifically (channel 64-68). You can access this information starting


Simply enter your zipcode and go. Once you save your zip code, go back

to your listings at any time by clicking here:

Let me know if this is sufficient to solve your problem and/or covers

all of your channels or if another solution needs to be researched.



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  1. The TV Guide Website is exactly what you need. There are indeed 8 PPV

    stations however not all of them show programming 24 hours a day 7

    days a week.

    The stations are:

    1) 64 TVN1

    2) 65 TVN2

    3) 66 TVN3

    4) 67 Playboy

    5) 68 Spice

    6) 68 HTNET

    7) 69 URBNX

    8) 110 Spice 2

    To view the PPV listings in your area by time and day, follow these


    First, go to this page and enter your zip code, 06477:

    Click ENTER. At the next screen select CABLE.

    At the next screen select "Bridgeport/Fairfield – Cablevision of

    Southern Connecticut"…….. this brings you too ALL your TV

    listings. To see only PPV listings, do this:

    Near the very top of the screen you will see (in red):

    "Listings For: Bridgeport/Fairfield – Cablevision of Southern


    Right under that, click the down arrow for 'ALL CHANNELS'.

    Select PAY PER VIEW. – Then select GO on the right.

    All 8 channels may not be listed on the resulting page if one or more

    stations have no programming that day.

    To see that there are indeed 8 channels, you'll need to select a day

    at the left that is considered Prime Time, like SATURDAY night at 9


    I hope this has been helpful…


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