Two Part Question to Ease My Aching Brain

1) There is a short story out there in which people were afraid to

travel the road through a tunnel because the tunel would randomly

close on each end, trapping people within and killing them. What is

the name of that story? Who wrote it?

2) There is a movie in which a group of people are inflicted with a

highly contagious disease in which if they fell asleep, their heads

would explode. At the end of the movie, the government sends a few

scientists out with pills that were reported to be the cure to the

disease. It turned out that the pills were not a cure, but poison to

kill them all and rid the world of these deadly contagious people.

What was the name of that movie?

Request for Question Clarification byjuggler-ga

As my friend and colleague Pinkfreud notes below, splitting this up

would be a wise approach.

I can identify #1 (the short story). Would you accept that as the answer?

Let me know how you'd like to proceed.

Clarification of Question bymj1000-ga

Thank you, pinkfreud and juggler. You are right, I should have

separated the questions. This was my first go at this forum, so now

I've learned.

I really do need to know what that story is, so, yes, Juggler, I will

accept your answer as the answer to my question.

Thank you.


One thought on “Two Part Question to Ease My Aching Brain

  1. Okay…

    The short story is "The Tunnel Ahead" (1961) by Alice Glaser.

    "The Tunnel Ahead" by Alice Glaser follows a family in a densely

    populated future America returning home from a day at the beach,

    creeping along through nearly parked traffic toward home. Traffic

    stops completely while the tunnel ahead closes for a while. The family

    are nervous about passing through the tunnel; exactly why is hinted at

    gradually, only fully revealed at the end."

    Also see this thread on Google Groups:

    The story is in various anthologies:

    * The 7th Annual of the Year?s Best S-F, ed. Judith Merril, Simon

    & Schuster 1962

    * Voyages: Scenarios for a Ship Called Earth, ed. Rob Sauer, Ballantine 1971

    * As Tomorrow Becomes Today, ed. Charles W. Sullivan, Prentice-Hall 1974


    search strategy:

    google groups: story "in a tunnel"


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