Unix Convert to Window

Is there any tool/software utility that I can use to convert Unix

(v1.0) based application program into Window (WIN98) based oerating


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  1. Dear Laformosa,

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    It looks like there are several sources for the software you seek.

    Here are four you can look at:

    From AT&T is UWIN:


    From MKS, Inc. Is MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers (formerly



    From Interop Systems, Inc. is:


    Finally, there is Cygwin by Red Hat, Inc.:


    Hope one of these meets your needs.

    Google search was: unix windows migration software



  2. Thanks for your answer. I actually need to convert a C program that

    was written in Unix into Windows system. So, besides decompile the

    program what else I have to do?

  3. Your request for clarification is sort of getting us into a separate

    question of implementation. May I suggest taking a look at the UWIN

    FAQ "Development Environment" section (about halfway down this page:

    http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/uwin/faq.html ) for details. If

    this doesn't answer all your concerns, I think it might be best to

    return to Google Answers with a specific new question to be available

    to all GA researchers.

    Here's an excerpt from the FAQ mentioned above:

    Q 67. What languages does UWIN support?

    A 67. UWIN supports two programming languages, C and C++.

    Q 68. Can I maintain a same Source Base for both UNIX and Windows

    versions of my programs?

    A 68. Yes. But the programs should confine to XOPEN standards. If the

    programs have APIs that are proprietary to a particular flavor of UNIX

    then make the appropriate changes to the source to compile on UWIN.

    Q 69. Is X11 supported?

    A 69. The X11R6 libraries and fonts have been built for UWIN release

    3.1. The commercial version comes with some X11 client utilities such

    as xterm. The X11R6 libraries and fonts have been built with UWIN and

    are available as part of the UWIN SDK.

    Q 70. Is gcc available for building UWIN executables?

    A 70. The complete GNU compiler set, gcc, g++, g77.exe, gdb is

    available for UWIN.

    Q 71. Can I run curses programs with UWIN?

    A 71. Yes. UWIN supports vt100 emulation and provides virtually

    complete termios support. The curses library is included in UWIN 3.1.

    Q 72. Is tcl/tk available for UWIN?

    A 72. UWIN 3.1 supports tcl 7.6.

    Q 73. Does UWIN support sockets?

    A 73. UWIN provides a UNIX interface to WINSOCK (and WINSOCK2 if

    installed) and returns file descriptors instead of Windows handles.

    Q 74. Can I compile and run C++ applications for UWIN?

    A 74. Yes. UWIN provides the CC compiler that takes the same options

    as the compiler on any Unix platform. The compiler is a wrapper over

    the underlying native C compiler.

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