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Where can I find a purchase a copy of "The Silly Book" by Stuart E.

Hample? (I have tried the normal online services: Alibris, Barnes & N,

Amazon, no luck.)

Request for Question Clarification bybananarchy-ga

Are you certain that the book's name is "The Silly Book"? There are

records of "The Silly Joke Book" and a number of associated titles,

and one is available for auction, but "The Silly Book" is an audio

recording released in 1961 as a sing-along for "The Silly Nothing

Record". If it is a joke book you are looking for, I believe the

title may be "The Silly Joke Book." Please let me know if you would

like me to post the information I have found regarding "The Silly Joke

Book" and other books by Stuart Hample. Thank you.

Clarification of Question bypoetaster-ga

Thanks; I have seen it listed as The Silly Book on; my wife

remembers it as an illustrated series of silly things, and a repeated

character named "Boodleheimer." See also other comment, about its

being reissued.

Thanks, poetaster

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