Using Bluetooth Cell Phones As Modems

Suppose I purchase a Bluetooth mobile phone, like the Sony Ericsson

T68, and use

it as a modem for my laptop. Does it work like a normal modem, so I

just dial my usual ISP (and of course use up minutes)? Or does it

connect through some special wireless internet that I have to

subscribe to (and pay

extra for)? If the latter, what are typical charges for this service?

One thought on “Using Bluetooth Cell Phones As Modems

  1. Hi dbass-ga

    I think I can answer this question directly, from personal experience.

    I own a Sony-Ericsson T68i and I have used it to make internet

    connections, both from a Palm PDA using the IrDA (infrared)

    connection, and from a laptop via a Bluetooth connection. Both methods

    seem very reliable and work well.

    As far as the computer is concerned (both PDA and laptop), the phone

    appears to be simply a modem, and a connection is simply made to your

    normal ISP. This will of course be charged at the standard rate to

    that class of number by your mobile/cell phone network provider.

    Wireless internet (WAP and GPRS) are separate services which can be

    used by the phone when accessing the internet without any other

    devices. These will normally need to be set up by your phone service

    provider, although in much of Europe and Asia there are open WAP

    portals to which anyone can sign up.

    Useful links and further information:

    Sony-Ericsson T68 official site:

    General information on WAP and the "mobile internet":

    WAP portals: (in Italian) (in French, but Vizzavi have an online and

    wireless presence in most European countries).



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