Video of Mtv News Segment From March 1997

I need assistance in locating the video for an MTV News segment on

March 10th, 1997.

The video I'm looking for is the one associated with this article:

"Fans Sound Off on U2's 'POP'"

(You can see there's an unlinked 'QuickTime video' reference there —

I suspect the video that was once associated with that link is the one

I want.)

This may be a simple issue of knowing how to navigate MTV's circuitous

web site. It may involve contacting them for the video. Or something

else. I don't know. But I need this video, in digital, downloadable

format, or a pointer to a surefire way to obtain it.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Clarification of Question byvexednyc-ga

I mistakenly listed the date of the article as March 10th, 1997. It's

actually March 7th.

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