Whaddyacall Film "action!" Chalk Board?

I am looking to buy one of the chalk-boards used in filming hollywood

movies. Typically somebody holds it in front of the camera and snaps

the top part onto the bottom part around the time the director yells,


One thought on “Whaddyacall Film "action!" Chalk Board?

  1. minermbel…

    Thanks for your question. The item you are referring to is known as a

    clapboard, clapper or slate. It has many uses in film making. It

    identifies the shot by listing the film title, the names of the

    director and director of photography, the scene and the take number.

    The top "clap" portion is used in order to synchronize audio and


    You can purchase clapboards at any number of places:

    Clapboard Slate


    Great Big Movie Clapboard


    Oversized (28 x 24) clapboard

    Clapboard Gifts


    Thanks again for your question and I hope the above information has

    been helpful. If you need any additional clarification, please let me

    know prior to rating my answer.



    Search Strategy:

    movie clapboard



    Internet Movie Database-Movie Terminology Glossary


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