What Happened to "blackmask Online"? Will It Come Back?

www.blackmask.com was a great resource, second only to gutenberg.com

as a resource of copyright free books online. I know Blackmask was

closed down over a copyright dispute involving pulp fiction novels

like "The Shadow". You might as well tell me all the inside gossip on

the case. I don't like other sites which you have to page through

each chapter and copy them one by one, (my bandwith is very low), so I

like the book all in one big lump. I convert text to speech and burn

them onto cd's to listen to at work. Gutenberg is great, of course,

but I sure miss Blackmask. Can you tell me if they are coming back or

suggest a good site to 'second' gutenberg? I want Schiller and

Lovecraft and Victor Hugo type stuff. Oh, and ghost stories. Love

them… And educational things generally.

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