What Is the Academic/literary Word For "map Lover"?

What is the academic/literary word for "map lover"?

I thought it should be "cartophile" but I could find this word in only

one dictionary where it was defined as "a collector of baseball


Please cite reference if you find the answer.

One thought on “What Is the Academic/literary Word For "map Lover"?

  1. Dear vermondbob:

    You asked for the proper term for "map lover." You were correct when

    you said you thought it should be "cartophile." Note that many of

    these "-phile" and "-phobe" words are not in the dictionary. The

    -phile ending can be tacked on to most word roots to achieve the

    "lover of" meaning. According to the "Cartophile's Homepage":

    "The proper term for a map buff is cartophile, although the term

    mapini was often used at the Esso/Humble/Exxon Touring Service (in a

    slightly negative way) by those at the Touring Service who didn't

    share a true love of roadmaps."


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    If you need any clarifications, I would be more than happy to assist

    you further.

    Best Regards,


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